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MARC electronic bibliographic entries
1. [documentation] [download] is a Perl 5 module for reading, manipulating, outputting and converting bibliographic records in the MARC format. The MAchine Readable Cataloging format was designed by the Library of Congress in the late 1960s in order to allow libraries to convert their card catalogs into a digital format. The advantages of having computerized card catalogs were soon realized, and now MARC is being used by all sorts of libraries around the world to provide computerized access to their collections.
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   Cataloging Cheat Sheet
A fast guide to cataloguing an item in MARC format. Provides a concise guide to abbreviations and field tags used. Really only meaningful to someone fairly familiar with MARC, but a useful cheat sheet.
   MARC Standards at the Library of Congress [MARC 21 Documentation]
The MARC formats are standards for the representation and communication of bibliographic and related information in machine-readable form.
   RFC 2220: The Application/MARC Content-type
The MARC formats are sets of codes and content designators defined for encoding metadata for five types of data: bibliographic, holdings, authority, classification, and community information. The structure of MARC records is an implementation of national and international standards, ANSI Z39.2 (Information Interchange Format) and ISO 2709 (Format for Information Interchange). Codes and conventions in the formats identify and characterize data elements within a record and support the manipulation of those data.
   MARC 21 Examples [Sound Recording] [Book]
The examples in these pages reflect the application of MARC content designators in full level records. Although the data is taken from actual bibliographic records, these records are included for illustrative purposes only and are not usable for bibliographic purposes.
   MARC code reference

OOX -- Control Fields
O1X-O9X -- Numbers and Codes
1XX -- Main Entries
2XX -- Titles, Editions, Imprints, etc.
3XX -- Extent, etc.
4XX -- Series Statements
5XX -- Notes
6XX -- Subject Access
7XX -- Added and Linking Entries
8XX -- Series Added Entries and Holdings, etc.

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