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floppy disk adapter for smartMedia
   Drivers for FD-A2 in windows/mac
Diskettadapter FD-A2/A1 Windows 2000: FD-A2/A1 (1,1 MB) Windows 95/98: FD-A2/A1 (984 K) Windows NT: FD-A2/A1 (852 K) MacOS: FD-A2/A1 (140 K)
   Floppy Disk Adapter FAQ
he body of the FD-A2 is compatible to 64MB SmartMedia with the newest driver. You can download the newest driver/software in the Download section in this home page. The floppy disk adapter uses CR2016 lithium batteries to power the electronic circuits inside it required for computer communications and writing on SmartMedia.

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