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Palm Pilot relative
HandEra, Inc., formerly TRG Products, Inc., is the leading provider of powerful handheld computing devices for business professionals. We deliver an integrated product line of hardware and software based on the popular Palm Operating System (Palm OSŪ). HandEra[tm] products meet the mobile computing needs of the business user in both corporate and personal environments.
   Palm Pilot with Hard Drive
"TRG, Inc, a maker of PalmPilot accessories has announced an interesting Palm clone. The TRGpro is similar to a normal Palm IIIx (OS3.3, 8MB RAM) with one major exception: it has a compact flash (CF) port. This means that only can you have more than 96MB of non-volatile memory in this thing, you can also have a 340MB IBM microdirve. Other interesting add-ons that can interface through a CF slot include a bar-code reader, a super-small v.90 modem, ethernet and a high-speed serial port."

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