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Additions for Handspring PDA
   Pacific Neo-Tek OmniRemote Springboard module
Pacific Neo-Tek's OmniRemote software can turn any Palm OS device into a learning remote control. However, the Visor's weak, side-mounted, infrared transmitter makes this PDA a second-rate remote. To correct this, Pacific Neo-Tek is offering a Springboard module that snaps in to deliver a more powerful IR port along with the full-featured software to deftly control all of your home-entertainment gear. Slow learner
   SoundsGood AudioPlayer
Pros: Small and very well designed; 64MB of memory; impressive sound quality; easy to use; USB. Cons: Memory can't be expanded; works with only Windows 98, 2000, and Me; a bit expensive. Just when we thought the Handspring Visor was devoid of any notable audio options, along comes the SoundsGood AudioPlayer, which delivers the sweet sound of MP3 to a fleet of hungry PDA users, in a svelte module that fits flush with the Handspring Visor.

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