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   Sennheiser HD580
$210 The HD 580 is a top class open dynamic stereo HiFi/professional headphone. The advanced design of the diaphragm avoids resonant frequencies. The HD 580 can be connected directly to HiFi systems of the highest quality, in particular DAT, DCC, and CD players. This headphone is an ideal choice for the professional recording engineer recording classical music.
   Sennheiser HD590
Sennheiser's HD-590 'phones are decidedly high-end. The company says they're for audiophiles and recommends them for classical music listening. They're dynamic open-driver 'phones and feature what the company calls a "DuoFol" driver design. What is DuoFol, you ask? Reportedly, each diaphragm consists of two foils welded together to "reduce standing waves to an absolute minimum." min price: 163.89
   Sony MDR-CD3000
We begin with an Aura-Nomic design that positions the drivers in perfect sync with the position of the human ear, for natural sound delivery without pressure. We continue with a Circum-Aural design that assures a perfect fit for any head, so musical balance is precise and comfortable for extended listening sessions. The result is a level of performance matched only by the perfection of digital sound itself.
   Sennheiser HD590 reviews
47 reviews
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   HeadRoom [headphone buying guide]
Total headphone geeks like us can dive right into the "Product Stuff," but if you don't want to be overwhelmed with long lists of headphones you're better off starting in the "Buying Guide." No matter where you go, you'll find honest evaluations of the products--when the product is great, we'll tell you; when the product sucks, we'll tell you that, too. If you're flat out looking for a killer deal, check out our packaged systems.
   AKG K1000
A truly outstanding headphone providing full and natural sound, the AKG K 1000 easily deserve a place among the very best in headphone reproduction. The headband and temple pads comfortably position the ear speakers slightly away from your ears; pivot points where the ear speakers attach to the headband allow for angular adjustment relative to your ear. (The user is provided with a moderate degree of control over dynamics vs. image depth by adjusting the angle of the ear speakers.)
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   Sony MDR-F1
$225. Nothing touches your ear and since these cans are so light weight, they easily are the most comfortable headphones I have ever auditioned.

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