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   recording with the Creative Nomad Jukebox (NJB)
Don't even think of recording unless plugged into the wall. Batteries will last all of 20 minutes because it seems to spin the hard drive the entire time.
   Yamaha AW16G Digital Recorder Workstation
We will beat anyone's price on the AW16G. Give us a call! Toll Free: 866-486-2825 Free Yamaha AW16G Gigbag with each AW16G! Yamaha is proud to announce the arrival of the AW16G digital audio workstation--a high-performance 16-track hard disk recorder that's portable, affordable and easy-to-use. Boasting many features of Yamaha's flagship AW4416 Professional Audio Workstation, including 2 pro-quality multi-effects processors, the AW16G offers musicians of all backgrounds a complete music production solution--all the way to CD.
   Zoom PS02 Palmtop Studio
$199.95. The Zoom PS02 Palmtop Studio is a completely self-contained recording studio that fits in the palm of your hand. Creating a digital multi-track demo can now take place anytime, anywhere. The PS-02 allows for recording onto 3 separate audio tracks with the ability to digitally "bounce" tracks together. 32kHz max.
   Marantz PM D680 Digital Audio Recorder
The PMD680 also allows uncompressed recording (PCM) in the true wave (.wav) file format. For example, a 440 MB card provides you with up to 27 hours of MP2 audio or 1 1/2 hours wav. file uncompressed audio. MFR LIST $1259.00 (typical: $965)
   Denon DN-F20R Portable IC Recorder
Radio reporters and sound designers have used over-the-shoulder cassette decks such as the Marantz PMD-222 for ages. The new DN-F20R portable IC recorder from Denon can be similarly slung, but you now have permission to leave your cassettes in the trunk; the DN-F20R records to solid-state media.
   Marantz CD Recorder CDR300
Revolutionary for its portable design, built-in features, and performance, the Marantz Professional CDR300 is ideal for direct to CD-R/RW live recording applications. Simply place the unit on a tabletop and plug in quality microphones to the stereo XLR or ? mic/line inputs with 48V phantom power. Or use the internal microphone. Record levels can be adjusted automatically or manually. This fully professional CD recorder uses blank computer or music CD-R or CD-RW media. A speaker for playback is built-in. You can also record you own CDs from audio sources such as CDs, LPs, cassettes, or DAT.
   Marantz CDR300
Manufacturers information. the first CD recorder designed for live recording. It's as easy to use as any tape recorder, and records directly to CD-R and CD-RW discs that will play back in virtually any CD player. Built-in microphone and speaker List: 849, example: 764.10 ($650
   Superscope PSD300 Portable CD Recorder
The PSD300 is the world's first CD Recording system for the performing arts that combines a professional CD-R/RW recorder with a CD-R/RW player featuring innovative CD manipulation controls. This portable stand-alone system is designed specifically as a valuable portable music rehearsal and performance tool. Special controls allow musicians to practice with their favorite artist or a specialized music accompaniment CD and manipulate the key or tempo of that music on the fly. Record live direct to blank CD-R (write once) or CD-RW (rewritable) discs. Plug microphones directly into the unit for stereo recording without the need for a separate mic preamp and mixer. Or use the built-in microphone. List: $1099.
   Marantz PMD-690 Stereo PC card recorder
Marantz PMD-690 Stereo PC-card portable recorder. Storage format=MP2 and PCM, Stereo, Manual and auto record levels, runs on 8 AA batteries, Mic inputs are XLR , RCA line out, SPdif digital output, Headphone output. $1299, 8lbs
   Superscope PSD300 [front] [back]
The Superscope PSD300 is a dual drive model with both a CD player drive and a CD recorder drive. The CD player drive includes music manipulation features. The CDR300 provides 48V phantom power for microphones and a 4-pin DC connection for gel cell battery operation while the PSD300 does not.
   Maycom Easycorder
The Easycorder is a portable digital PC-Card recorder developed for professional use in electronic news gathering. With its Solid state storage, metal case and wide operating temperature range, it is capable of performing its tasks under very poor conditions.
   Maycom HandHeld Recorder [pictures]
Well known as an important industry innovator Maycom has achieved another major breakthrough in digital audio capture. With a highly appealing and stylish design, fully featured but compact in size, the Maycom HandHeld offers rugged and reliable digital portable recording for both professional and consumer usage. The HandHeld recorder is based on the industry standard compact flash cards to store high quality, digital audio. The cards are robust, able to operate in severe environmental conditions and can be changed very quickly. Audio recording capacity depends on the size of flash card could be easily up to 6 hours (using a 320 MB flash card at 128 kb/sec.).
   Alesis ML9600 Masterlink [faq]
The Alesis ML9600 MasterLink lets you capture your mixes in stunning 24-bit, 96kHZ; edit your recording and apply finishing tools - such as high-resolution parametric EQ Compression, limiting and normalizing - all in the same system and then burn the finished recording in either industry-standard Redbook, or new high resolution CD24, fast becoming the new standard for archiving and transferring high-res. audio files to the mastering room.
   1Q 2003 Core Sound
Core Sound is pleased to announce that we're working on a replacement for portable DAT recorders, able to record at word widths and data rates up to 24-bit/96 KS/s (and possibly higher). It will retail for under $1k. We're forecasting availability towards the end of 1Q 2003. The recorder will be very compact and portable; operate on batteries for more than enough time to record a concert; able to quickly transfer audio data to a computer; and it will accept the inputs of a wide variety of outboard units including microphone pre-amplifiers, A-to-D convertors -- essentially any device that uses the S/PDIF data format. We'll be releasing more information about this exciting product over the next few months, so please watch this Web page!
$157. An ingenious MP3 Player that includes a USB port on a single unit enabling quick and easy music downloading and playback. The Grvsticks easy-to-read display, along with its capability to be used as a USB storage device and a voice recorder, make it a must-have for music enthusiasts, students and corporate users alike.

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