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Internet services daemon
   xinetd FAQ
Has anyone been able to get qmail working with xinetd?
   The Unofficial qmail FAQ ver .93
Since all of the search engines know about this page, I am leaving it up. Please note that this information is very, very old, and some of it may not be relevant any longer.
   Qmail and Xinetd HOWTO (Unoffical)
Authors note: after playing around with postfix, I've dumped qmail-the cryptic error messages were too much to take late at night- and it seems the sun is setting on the continuted development of qmail.
   Precompiled var-qmail packages
A var-qmail package does not set up qmail to receive and deliver mail. A user has to follow the instructions in /var/qmail/doc/fastforward/ALIASES and in /var/qmail/doc/INSTALL starting at step 9:
   Linux Focus: xinetd
xinetd - eXtended InterNET services daemon - provides a good security against intrusion and reduces the risks of Denial of Services (DoS) attacks. Like the well known couple (inetd+tcpd), it enables the configuration of the access rights for a given machine, but it can do much more. In this article we will discover its many features.

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