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Shorten Lossless Audio Compression
   A Small SHN and MD5 FAQ
Shorten (extension .shn) is an audio compression scheme written by Tony Robinson of SoftSound that can compact wav files without subtracting out any frequencies. It's "lossless"- everything in the original wav is there, so that full quality is maintained. For many traders of live music, Shorten files (shns) therefore have an undisputed advantage over "lossy" mp3-format files. A shn file made from a wav is quite a bit larger than the corresponding mp3, with a size perhaps ~50-60% of the orginal wav.
   Some SHN Resources
Here are some communities that are either familiar with or actively promote trading music of trade-friendly bands in Shorten (SHN) format. If you know of other relevant sites or groups, please drop us a line. We will not list any resources for "trade unfriendly" bands. Please respect the artists, thanks!

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