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journaling file system
   Using the ext3 filesystem in 2.4 kernels
Across July, ext3 development has slowed as we head toward a 1.0 release. As of kernel 2.4.7, the ext3 patch is quite stable and performs well. Testing has been on x86 SMP. Please send any success or failure reports for other architectures to the ext3-users list.
   Linux ext3 FAQ
Ext3 is a journaling filesystem developed by Stephen Tweedie. It is compatible to ext2 filesystems; actually you can look at it as an ext2 filesystem with a journal file. The journaling capability means no more waiting for fsck's or worrying about metadata corruption. What is most noticeable is that you can switch back and forth between ext2 and ext3 on a partition without any problem: it is just a matter of giving the mount command the right filesystem type.
   Journaling File System: ext3
Features of ext3, etc.

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