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Linux connectivity with the Palm Pilot and other PDAs
   UNIX PalmOS/Pilot development project
pilot-link Code to interface to the Pilot HotSync
prc-tools Code to build PalmOS applications with the GNU toolchain
pui A User Interface/database glue code for use with pilot-link
pilot-apps Various Pilot applications, that is .prc files, (very old)

   J-Pilot Desktop Organizer Software for the Palm Pilot
J-Pilot is a desktop organizer application for the palm pilot that runs under Linux, and Unix. It is similar in functionality to the one that 3com distributes for a well known rampant legacy operating system.
   Gnome Pilot
gnome-pilot is a package of utilities for the 3Com PalmPilot and is a part of the GNOME project. The goal is a daemon both for the single pilot user, but also for eg. office use, where many pilots and many people are involved. And a complete set of office ready extras.
   Palm and Linux: Making the Connection
In this article, I'll cover the installation and use of pilot-link, a collection of command line tools and libraries that connect Linux and Palms.
   Connecting a Palm to Linux using PPP
I've gone with a very straightforward configuration here for the first example. It doesn't do authentication or other measures typically related with end-user access to PPP.
KPilot is a replacement for the Palm Desktop software from Palm Inc, which makes your Palm/Palm Pilot/Visor computer capable of exchanging information with your Linux powered computer. KPilot doesn't replace the Palm Desktop all by itself. It connects and integrates a number of fine KDE 2 applications into a package that can do everything the Palm Desktop can.
   PilotManager [download]
PilotManager is a beta product! Read all the available documentation carefully and remember to make backups before you use it!

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