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Red Hat 7.2
   Microsoft InteliMouse use in Red Hat 7.2 [Inria note]
Reboot and press ctrl+X to get the text lilo prompt. Next type: linux 3 Then, login as root and type: mouseconfig Select the Intellimouse (PS2) option. Next, type: /sbin/service gpm restart startx
   /dev/sndstat problem with AWE64
Yes. In my experience, the following provided the best solution for SBLive support using SuSE Linux 6.4 (kernel 2.2.14): -- Recompile the kernel and for the sound options, select modular ("M") support for the base sound module. You can set all other sound modules to No. Follow directions in the Kernel HOWTO to recompile the kernel and modules and load the new kernel.

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