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An X-windows programming library
   ¬Introduction to Motif Application Development
This series contains a set of tutorials that help you to learn how to write windowed applications using Motif and the C programming language. These tutorials start at the very beginning, and teach you the essentials of Motif programming.
   Lesstif homepage
LessTif is the Hungry Programmers' version of OSF/Motif®. LessTif is source compatible with OSF/Motif® 1.2, meaning that the same source should compile with both and work exactly the same. LessTif is free software : LessTif is licensed under the GNU Library General Public License (LGPL).
   lesstiff Xlt widget set
The Xlt widget set is a group of larger and smaller utility widgets, authored by Rick Scott unless stated otherwise.
   The Xbae Widget Set
The Xbae widget set is a group of three widgets, originally part of the Bellcore Application Environment. The Xbae widget set currently consists of three widgets : XbaeMatrix, XbaeCaption and XbaeInput

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