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compiling Java on linux
   gcj: The GNU Compiler for the Java [debugger]
GCJ is a portable, optimizing, ahead-of-time compiler for the Java Programming Language.
   Compiling Java with GCJ [by Per Bothner]
Java has not become as pervasive as the original hype suggested, but it is a popular language, used a lot for in-house and server-side development and other applications. Using GCC to run a Java program is familiar to anyone who has used it for C or C++ programs. To compile the Java program, type: gcj -c -g -O
   Java 2 Platform, version 1.4.1 [documentation]
There are several key bug fixes in this release. Sun strongly recommends that users upgrade. If deploying any of these updates, we recommend that our customers follow their standard test procedures for Java technologies and deployments.
   How to run Java programs in Linux [checklist]
The following instructions will help you write your first Java program. These instructions are for users of UNIX-based platforms, including Linux and Solaris.

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