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Operating Systems
   Operating System Tutorials
Device Management Memory Management 1: Physical Memory Management 2: Virtual Scheduling Miscellaneous Writing a Kernel in C
   Write Your Own Operating System [FAQ]
by Stuart 'Dark Fiber' George . Depending on how you go about building your OS, you can't build your bootsector (bootloader) code in C, you have to resort to using someone else's code, or write your own code in assembler, be that in x86 Intel style or AT&T GNU style assembly language.
   OS News [os books]
News about linux operating systems
   Utah OS Kit
The OSKit is a framework and a set of 34 component libraries oriented to operating systems, together with extensive documentation. By providing in a modular way not only most of the infrastructure "grunge" needed by an OS, but also many higher-level components, the OSKit's goal is to lower the barrier to entry to OS R&D and to lower its costs.

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