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Pictures in Latex
   LaTeX figure export from Mathematica
Including LaTeX figures in a LaTeX text is the fastest way to add smaller illustrations in TeX. It saves the trouble to include additional ( sometimes large) Postscript and style files.
   Psfig pictures in LaTeX: [psfig examples]
psfig works with postscript files and essentially uses the \special command in plain TeX. Once the postscript file has been produced, psfig allows the user to manipulate the file. Examples of the use of figures in LaTeX and some of the capabilities of TeX/LaTeX can be found in many of the papers I've written with others or my Ph.D. thesis.
   Drawing and Including Pictures with LaTeX
his User Note describes how to prepare simple graphic images using the picture environment of LaTeX. This environment allows you to include line drawings in your documents without physically cutting or pasting. This User Note also describes how to use special TeX macros to include Encapsulated PostScript graphics and artwork in your LaTeX document.
   LATEX maths and graphics
This handout assumes that you have already read the Advanced LaTeX document handout, so if you're unsure about `environments', read no further. LATEX produces maths text well, but graphic support is less good. Fortunately there's a graphics editor called xfig whose output can be used in a LATEX file.

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