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   MusEdit homepage
MusEdit is a powerful yet inexpensive music notation editor (only $79, compared to $200-$400 for other such software). Use MusEdit to write standard treble and bass music notation, tab notation for 4, 5, and 6 string instruments in any tuning (including bass), rhythm notation, lyrics in any font, and to draw chord diagrams -either from a chord dictionary or by creating your own.
   MusEdit Notation Examples
Here are a few examples of what you can do with MusEdit.
   MusEdit FAQ
MusEdit is like a word processor for music. You can enter music by dropping symbols onto musical staffs with the mouse, or you can type the music in from the computer keyboard. Once you have entered the music you can then print out very professional looking scores, play it back through your sound system, transpose it to different keys, translate it to tablature and vice versa, have it scroll on your screen as you are performing the piece, e-mail it to other people, and a lot more.

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