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Digital Signal Processing
   Adaptive Signal Processing [Eric A. Wan]
The field of adaptive filters and systems constitutes an important part of statistical signal processing. An adaptive system alters or adjusts its defining parameters in such a way that it improves performance through contact with the environment. Adaptive filters are currently applied in such diverse fields as communications, control, radar, seismology, and biomedical electronics.
   Control Systems: Classical, Neural, and Fuzzy Methods [Eric A. Wan]
review of basic classical techniques in feedback control (root locus, bode, etc.) as well as state-space approaches (linear quadratic regulators, Kalman estimators, and introduction to optimal control). We then turn to more recent movements at the forefront control technology. Artificial neural network control is presented with emphasis on nonlinear dynamics, backpropagation-through-time, model reference control, and reinforcement learning. Finally, we cover fuzzy logic and fuzzy systems as a simple heuristic based, yet often effective, alternative for many control problems.

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