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   Learning Catalan on the Internet [brief tutorial]
These pages are meant to be a starting place for people who wish to learn Catalan on the Internet, or those searching for information about the Catalan language. They are primarily aimed at English-speaking people, but speakers of any language will be able to use some of the resources found here such as the Catalan verb tables. At present these pages are under construction and will be changing from time to time.
   Esperanto/Catalan Word List
A les primeries de la dčcada dels 80's la Pedagogia Komisiono de Kataluna Esperanto-Asocio, a partir d'una llista de 2500 paraules del catalā bāsic de la Universitat Central, elaborā una llista de 8661 mots en esperanto que en total donaren 1609 arrels.

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