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computer security
The CERT/CC is a major reporting center for Internet security problems. Staff members provide technical assistance and coordinate responses to security compromises, identify trends in intruder activity, work with other security experts to identify solutions to security problems, and disseminate information to the broad community.
   UNIX Configuration Guidelines
The basic form of authentication used to control access to a UNIX host is a username and password combination. Intruders have established mechanisms and tools to compromise password information by leveraging a variety of common problems.
   Vulnerabilities and Fixes
We strive to make users aware of potential threats to the security of their systems and to provide information about how to avoid, minimize, or recover from the damage. Because users are our primary source of information, we encourage you to report any incidents you experience on your systems or any vulnerabilities you find. These reports will help us inform you and others about potential threats and ways to avoid or recover from them.
   Intruder Detection Checklist
This document outlines suggested steps for determining if your system has been compromised. System administrators can use this information to look for several types of break-ins. We encourage you to review all sections of this document and modify your systems to close potential weaknesses.

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