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abc format for melodies
   The abc musical notation language
abc is a language designed to notate tunes in an ascii format. Since its introduction at the end of 1991 it has become very popular and there now exist several PC and UNIX based tools which can read abc notation and either process it into staff notation or play it through the speakers of a computer.
   How to interpret abc music notation [Part 2]
Abc notation is a simple but powerful ASCII musical notation format. Devised by Chris Walshaw, abc is widely used for the notating and distribution of tunes, particularly on the internet. Very popular in traditional music circles, it is also gaining in popularity in early music.
   Frequently Asked Questions about ABC Music Notation
   ABC viewer for the Palm Pilot/Palm 3
ABC Viewer reads tunes in ABC format from the Memo Pad and displays the corresponding musical notation. It's currently still under development, but despite many missing features (and some bugs) it is quite usable. Please note, development is pretty much stalled at the moment due to my free time being taken over by other things. Sorry.

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