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Emulators for running one OS inside of another.
   Win4Lin [description]
You say you love Linux, but you absolutely must have your Microsoft Office and Quicken, too? Well, you're in luck, NetTraverse's latest Win4Lin 4.0 Workstation lets you run Office XP, Quicken, Lotus Notes, PhotoShop and a host of other common-and not so common-office programs.
   Bringing Windows to Linux
There are already several Windows and Linux (WAL) programs out there. The three most popular are VMWare's VMWare 3.0 Workstation 3.0; NeTraverse's Win4Lin 3.0; and WINE. They all take very different approaches to bringing Windows to Linux users and each works best for different users.
   Windows/Linux Symbiosis - Not a Dream Anymore
Share files between Windows and Linux To share files between the two operating systems make sure you install Samba (server and client) on the Linux machine and on Windows all you have to do is to right click on a folder that you want to share with the Linux OS, go to Properties, Sharing tab and check the "Share this folder on the network" and "Allow network users to change my files" options.
   Snow Leopard on PC

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