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Request For Comments: Internet specifications
1. RFCs
HTML formatted RFCs. Once issued, RFCs do not change. Protocol revisions are documented by issuing new RFCs. The older RFCs are still available, but are said to be obsoleted by the newer RFCs. Not all RFCs document protocols; some are simply for discussion or informational purposes, and a traditional series of April Fools' RFCs can be distinguished by their date.
   ZVON RFC archive
My work both for Zvon and IDOOX (Web Services) requires lot of RFC browsing. After many frustrating moments I have decided to reformat some of them and being encouraged by the success I have started to work on a larger scale. At this moment 924 RFCs have been processed.
   RFCs in HTML format [search] [text]
The Internet Request For Comments (or RFC) documents are the written definitions of the protocols and policies of the Internet. This page provides entry points to get at the RFCs.

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