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What to do about spam
   My Life with Spam [Mark-Jason Dominus]
I get a lot of spam mail, and I don't like that. I used to get upset every time I read my mail and had to throw out a bunch of spam, so I decided to put some effort into writing a program that would filter my email and discard spam automatically. Then my blood pressure would stay low.
   Mail Abuse Prevention System
The MAPS RBLSM is a system for creating intentional network outages ("blackholes") for the purpose of limiting the transport of known-to-be-unwanted mass e-mail
   The MAPS Relay Spam Stopper
A freely queryable DNS-based database of spam-relaying mail servers. If you run your own mail server, you can configure it to utilize our list, if you'd like to refuse mail from these types of servers.
   Qmail RBL
Paul Vixie is involved in a project called the Mail Abuse Protection System (MAPS). He is publishing his list of sites which engage in, or tolerate abuse of email. This Real-time Blocking List (RBL) is available, well, in real-time. This list is available as a BGP feed, or through the DNS. Dan Bernstein has a fake SMTP server called rblsmtpd which consults the RBL and traps accesses by RBL'ed hosts.
blsmtpd blocks mail from RBL-listed sites. It works with any SMTP server that can run under tcpserver.
   Open Relay Test
Test website for seeing if a computer has an open mail relay.

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