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Version Control Systems
   Subversion or CVS, Bazaar or Mercurial?
Version control used to be practically synonymous with CVS, but those days are well behind us now. In fact, you not only have an abundance of systems to choose from, you also have two distinct models of source code management to consider. In this article John Ferguson Smart test drives four popular open source version control systems and summarizes the pros and cons of each one.
   Mercurial: an alternative to git
September 14, 2005. Mercurial, like BitKeeper, git and others is targeted at projects where the developers are spread out geographically and need to be able to perform source code management functions without the bottleneck of a central repository.
   Top open-source version control systems, 2008
Version control is an excellent way to allow unlimited number of people working on the same code base, without having to constantly send files back and forth. Designers and developers can both benefit from using such systems to keep copies of their files and designs. They can revert to earlier versions if something happens. Here I discuss some popular version control systems:
   Comparison of revision control software (Wikipedia)
The following tables compare general and technical information for notable revision control and software configuration management (SCM) software. This article is not all-inclusive and may become out of date quickly.

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