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   A brief intro to copyright [Brad Templeton]
This document is here because many people read my original article on copyright myths without knowing very much about what copyright is to begin with. This article is not about to teach you all about copyright, though there are some decent sites out there with lots of details.
   10 Big Myths about copyright explained [Brad Templeton ]
Note that this is an essay about copyright myths. It assumes you know at least what copyright is -- basically the legal exclusive right of the author of a creative work to control the copying of that work.
   When works pass into the public domain
Historic copyright table giving length of the copyright.
iParadigms is a pioneer in the rapidly expanding field of digital information tracking. The Internet, though an invaluable resource for services and information, is unfortunately also an unparalled environment for all varieties of intellectual property theft. We have developed a suite of advanced tracking tools to combat the piracy of intellectual property in the digital millennium.
   Understand Copyright Basics
Just about everything on the Web is protected by copyright law. That includes images, music, page content, and multimedia. It's important to understand how copyright affects the content you put on your site and the way you link to other sites. With copyright law, what you don't know can hurt you!

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