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   Rockmine On-Line
Founded in 1985, Rockmine is Europe's largest independent rock music archive, providing information for researchers and the media. Rockmine first went online in 1995 but has continued to develop since.
2. has established itself as a premiere audio content provider on the Internet- currently broadcasting over 120 different channels of uninterrupted music.
   Ultimate Band List
A monster list of recorded music related resources on the Internet; very well indexed. Focuses mainly on popular music but also has listings for classical, jazz, country, etc. If you can't find what you're looking for elsewhere, look here. Bonus: UBL's Guide to Audio and Video Formats helps you make sense of plug-ins.
   Internet Underground Music Archive
"Before the Web made the cover of Popular Mechanics, a few savvy undergraduates from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and volunteers from the burgeoning Santa Cruz geek community, created the Internet Underground Music Archive. Their mission was superbly simple, to create the net's first free high- fidelity music archive."
   Music Clips
Free Tracks provides just what the name says -- tracks of music, in both Real Jukebox and MP3 versions. A long list that ranges from blues to jazz to pop.
   my mp3 storage
Tired of cluttering up your hard drive with a growing collection of sound files? Mp3 Storage provides up to 50 Megs of online space for you to keep them digitally handy. And you can trade them with friends. Registration is free.
   Great American Speeches
Collection of speeches, some with audio and video clips, from many of the nation's "most influential and poignant speakers of the recorded age." In the Speech Archives, users will find a timeline of significant 20th-century events interspersed with the texts of over 90 speeches, some of which also offer background and audio or video clips.
Created as a vehicle for writers and publishers to distribute their recorded work directly to the public, this site allows visitors to sample a wide variety of writers's works, as read by themselves. These selections are organized into a number of channels: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biography, Poetry, Self-Help, and Loudmouth (reader-submitted recordings).

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