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CD track information databases
As Escient has changed the terms of licence for accessing CDDB, some programmers complained that the new licence includes certain terms that threatens them in a way they cannot accept: If you want to access CDDB, you are not allowed to access any other CDDB-like database (this one, for example)
Gracenote was founded in 1995 as CDDB by a pair of software developers and music fans as a fun and easy way to identify and categorize their CD's. As word of the innovative and useful service spread, it grew to be a "must-have" application for internet-enabled music players. From a user base of 2,700 in 1997, today Gracenote serves nearly 1 million users each day.
   CDDB Perl Module [doc]
CDDB is a high-level interface to databases based on the Compact Disc Database protocol. Starting in version 1.04, will contact servers by default. This change is in response to Gracenote's CDDB denying connections and failing to answer my e-mail.
   CDDB audio CD track info access in Python
his is actually a set of three modules to access the CDDB online database of audio CD track titles and information. It includes a C extension module to fetch track lengths under Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, and Win32, which is easily ported to other operating systems.
   cdxm data file format [sample file]
Database entries must be in the ISO-8859-1 character set (the 8-bit ASCII extension also known as "Latin alphabet #1" or ISO-Latin-1). Lines must always be terminated by a newline/linefeed (ctrl-J, or 0Ah) character or a carriage return character (ctrl-M, or 0Dh) followed by a newline/linefeed character.

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