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Links to web design and style pages.
   Ten Good Deeds in Web Design
suggests ten simple but effective design elements to increase the usability of almost any site. The page also offers links to Nielsen's lists of top-ten mistakes in Web design and Web project management.
   HTML Standards Compliance - Why Bother?
Most pages on the web don't comply with the W3C's HTML specifications. In some cases this is because their authors wanted to take advantage of proprietary extensions; but in many other cases, the pages could easily have been made compliant. This article explains about the issues surrounding HTML standards, HTML validation and why you should and how you can bring your pages into compliance with the HTML standards. There are links from here to Web validation sites.
   Creating and Documenting Electronic Texts: A Guide to Good Practice
This guide from the Oxford Text Archive (OTA) takes users through the basic steps involved in creating and documenting an electronic text or similar digital resource. Aimed at anyone involved with or planning the digitization of texts or similar material, the guide offers good practice and standards that are relevant to a variety of disciplines and projects.

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