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Links to various web search engines.
   Altavista [Advanced Search] [Image Search]
AltaVista is fast and comprehensive. It searches the entire full-text of web pages and Usenet articles. Pros: Very powerful and extensive database that can be power-searched from page one. Cons: Too many hits may overwhelm novice searchers.
   Google [linux searches]
Search engine originally developed at the Stanford University Computer Science Department, rates the relevance of a Webpage to a particular search query in part by examining how many other Webpages link to it. A new feature in the final version is GoogleScout, which offers an additional list of related URLS for each search return.
HotBot is a fast, comprehensive, robot-based web index run by Wired. It is perhaps the largest web index and lists over 35 million documents. Pros: Large index, updated weekly. Good navigational aids. Cons: Peculiar results due to erratic treatment of Boolean and exact phrase searches.
Yahoo catalogs sites manually, depending largely on user submissions. The front page is an alphabetical list of fourteen broad subject areas which are then subdivided into smaller categories. Pros: Easiest search page for new users. Very well-organized. Cons: Can be hard to differentiate between categories and sites. Site listings are not very up-to-date
   Information Research FAQ
Webpages are often of unknown age, of only guessed at quality and potentially the easiest information to retrieve. There are many points of entry into this field, but few are quick enough to be useful in serious research (as distinct from recreational surfing)
Offers the options of searching sites it has rated and reviewed, or its entire database. Sites are browsable by topic and sub-topic. An added neat feature is the search voyeur which displays randomly selected real-time searches that other users are currently conducting. Pros: Site rating system is comprehensive and useful for selecting quality sites. Cons: Database is far from comprehensive. Browsing by topic can be cumbersome.
   Search Engine Showdown
the latest news from the world of search engines, with comparative charts and in-depths studies of the best search engines on the Web. Search strategies, statistics, search engine features, and the latest news are all available here.

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