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Search engines that search other search engines.
   ¬Search IQ
Yet another in a large collection of sites on search engines, Search IQ is notable for two features. First, its collection of search engine reviews is rather extensive, covering far more than the usual dozen or so listed at most search engine review sites. Although rankings and full reviews are offered for only 17 engines, the individual and meta-search engine listings offer at least a sentence or two on many more.
   Search Engine Colossus
this metasite offers links to a large number of country- or region-specific search engines. The search engines are organized by country, with a link to the service, the language(s) it uses, its point of origin, and a short description when available.
   Internets of Databases
an extensive catalog of databases on the Web and quite possibly the largest collection of useful search engines available on the Internet. The site provides links to thousands of online resources including archives, libraries, research databases, newswires, catalogs, and statistical data.
   Twisted Logic
condensing fact from the vapor of nuance. Has reverse telephone number searching.
   Inference Find
Inference Corporation has developed a very fast--and very slick--meta-search engine for searching the Web; after simultaneously tapping into WebCrawler, Yahoo, Lycos, Alta Vista, InfoSeek, and Excite, Inference Find merges the results, removes redundancies, and organizes the results into handy groupings
Comprehensive and fast search engine. Has languages options and word and domain flters.
   Search Freak
Search Freak presents thirteen search engines on one page, or direct links to the same thirteen; or select a search type and a search engine will be recommended; or use the metasearch function to search all the engines at once. There are helpful tips, comparisons of features, and reviews of search results.
BigHub not only lets you query multiple search engines simultaneously, it also features a big list of specialty search areas. With stock quotes, weather and free e-mail thrown in for good measure.
   Pandia Search Central
Pandia Search Central aims to serve as a major search portal, pooling a number of searching tools and guides. These include a metasearch engine that indexes AltaVista, HotBot, Yahoo, Looksmart, Go Infoseek, GoTo, and WebCrawler at once and a news service
No graphics, ads, or anything really except the search box and your results. It also includes a very useful feature for users concerned with the "freshness" of their search returns. Clicking on the Site Info link under each result produces a small pop-up window which lists, among other things, the last time the site was modified.
   Ixquick Metasearch
Branding itself "the world's most powerful metasearch engine," Ixquick also features a clean and simple interface. Ixquick indexes fourteen search engines and directories, though users can pick and choose between them if they desire. The real appeal of Ixquick, however, is its "star rating" system for reporting results.

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